About Kolombus

What We Are

KOLOMBUSCONNECT® is a Technology Solution Provider and Travel Agency fraternity’s On-line Facilitator is a leading innovator in global Travel Domain.

Kolombus offers B2B/B2C solutions on SAAS & Product License models to travel agents/corporations in India and globally and owns and operates the OTA Portal.

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About Kolombus

What We Believe

We believe in continually upgrading both the technology and our skill sets, entailing extraordinary user experiences for our customers and clients. Our passionate and meticulous team of service and technology geeks with rich experience keeps us on the bleeding edge of travel technology.

We strongly believe in teamwork and collaboration.

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About Kolombus

What We Do

We create platform for travel companies; their customers and for travel professionals. We work hard, to make life straightforward and easy whereever possible, not just for people who travel, but for the people that have to process payments, take management decisions and for those who manage travel technology.

KC looks forward to a long term mutually beneficial partnership.

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What We Offer

We provide 6C services to our clients from various quarters of business domains, especially in travel currently. We add value to our agency clients business, through consortium and consolidation. We provide consultancy service to clients of any size ranging from single location to multi locations and in any territory - Globally. We offer On-site support as well on demand.


A platform for partnership of travel agencies to share resources and achieving a common goal that will benefit the members and their customers at large. Pooling of resources has been a great idea for all our consortium partners.


Seasoned team of travel experts, with 150+ man years’ experience, in Aviation / GDS / Travel Management / Tour Operation / Travel Technology / Chain Management / Networking & Relationship Management, to assist our clients.


The collaboration is about service users becoming partners rather than customers, as we move away from one-way transactions. What we do is: Intelligent recommendation, Identity Management, Payment with memory


We are leveraging travel volumes and concentrating sourcing with travel providers', as well as standardizing travel policies, processes, bookings, fulfillment and tools to optimize productivity.


As focus shifts from the external environment (the product/service) to internal fulfilment (the client), the result is the customization and personalization of the travel experience lifecycle.


We just don't stop at application of existing knowledge and develop appropriate new knowledge, we come up with new ideas as food for Innovation.

Our Technology Stack

Diversity in technology enables us to match most of your technology preferences.

Frontend Engineering

We are dealing with popular web front technologies even with different stacks like Angular, React, Vue which means our client need not have to compromise with choice and quality in this ever-dynamic era.

Backend Engineering

It is up to you to select the Framework, Platform, DB or even Language. We are happy to go with your defined set to match your requirement.

Data Engineering / AI

If you are thinking about Analytics, AI, CV / Plans to deal with Huge Set of data either offline or real time with efficient resource management / Port your exiting solution(Or Create new) with Cloud support. Remember "Technology is simple @ KC"

Desktop Applications

We covered whole desktop compatibility.

Mobile Applications

It is the matter of choice either Native/Hybrid based on the requirement , we are equipped for both.

Game Development / Simulation

The world lives with what you dream.

IDE / Tools

Happy to share the tools we use. If your are looking for an extension or productive tool for your favorite IDE, still not available in the marketplace, we can create that for you.


Even more

Our Business Partners

KOLOMBUSCONNECT® works with companies, governments, trade-bodies and other organizations to address complex challenges of travel and travel technology requirements on a worldwide scale. Our partners contribute more than money. Their ideas, volunteer power, in-kind support and more are helping build stronger travel communities.


Our Innovative Products


Online Travel B2B portal with our performing Travel Technology solutions embedded with travel domain experience & expertise.

  • Multiple PCC/IDs
  • Direct Recognition with Air GDS
  • Multi-Location & Multi-Currency
  • Supports IATA & Non IATA Agent
  • Off-the-Shelf and Immediate Deployment


KC’s novel “SaaS” model in B2B channel helps accumulate GDS (powered by 1S/1G) segments.

  • Full Control on the PNR
  • Agency “Own-Like” Portal
  • Passenger Data Confidentiality
  • Ensure Pre-Ticketing revenue/Segment Fee
  • Freedom to choose any IATA agency for Ticketing


KC’s well defined and technologically high-fit API Set, with wide range of APIs to power an OTA. We are ready to provide our API to other developers who are developing their custom portal.

  • One Intergation per vertical
  • Supplier independent integration
  • Swagger enabled

CSC Model

This product is an extension of TripCOE with an integration to Payment Gateway. This model is uniquely designed to facilitate the travel requirement coming to the offices/counters of entities like “Common Services Centre”

  • Payment Gateway
  • Attached to TripCOE
  • GDS Air segment incentive benefits.
  • Access to both GDS(Galileo) and LCC Air contents.

Fusion Model

This product is the combination of the other two “SaaS Models”.

  • Payment Gateway
  • Mirror Ticketing
  • Auto-Ticket the PNR instantly
  • GDS Air segment incentive benefits.


OTA/Portal along with GDS(1G and 1S) cryptic/blue-screen commands.It is useful to agency users who are well-versed with the GDS cryptic commands.

  • Attached to TravCoe
  • GDS cryptic commands
  • Synched with the Portal

Our Valuable Clients

Customer Satisfaction is our Motto. Kolombus Connect’s key differentiator is our TRAVEL-TECHNOLOGY blend. Our team has experience, expertise and efficiency in conventional travel domain – coupled with technology proficiency at its latest. “We Understand Your Language”


OTAPP - Tanzania


BOXOP - India




TravelWorld - New Zealand


MET - India


Sunrise - Qatar




TripMidas - India


Saas Clients


Travcoe Clients


Vibrainum Clients




with Kolombus

  • TC 5/1264, Chithra Soudham, SNRA 180
  • Swathy Nagar, Paippinmoodu, Peroorkada
  • Thiruvananthapuram – 695 005, Kerala, INDIA
  • Phone: 0471 2432701 | 2434701 | 2436701 | 2437701
  • Email: info@kolombusconnect.travel

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