About Us

What We Are

KOLOMBUSCONNECT® is a E-Business enabler for Travel and Non-Travel entities worldwide by:

  • Building local presence across the globe.
  • Serving over 100,000 customers & 400 Travel Agencies and 3 Non-Travel Entities globally.
  • Reigning presence in over 5 locations across India & 3 Global Representations.
  • Establishing bridgeheads across business frontiers in several countries across Asia, Africa and Europe – more continents to follow.

What We Believe

At KOLOMBUS, we believe in a simple philosophy - Customers First. No surprise then, our business objectives easily align with customer needs, and our products and services add value to our clients.

  • We endeavour to exceed expectations - We uphold exceptional service standards, handholding our clients through their requirements, with an integral and adept consultation process.

  • Time & Money matters for service compilations that we plan and for faster delivery. Therefore, we eliminate wastes at all levels from requirement gathering up-until delivery.

  • Technology Reinforces all successful, Modern-day travel companies.

  • Our business propositions are ramped up on the foundation of a robust and innovative technology platform.

  • Continous research, iterative and rapid delivery process can only, bring-in best-in-class of services and products.

  • We are definitely a E-COMMERCE ENABLER - We are also, a CREATIVE TRAVEL TECHNOLOGY COMPANY with proficiency in all relevant and related domains - both Conventional and New Age.

We believe in continually upgrading both the technology and our skill sets, entailing extraordinary user experiences for our customers and clients. Our passionate and meticulous team of service and technology geeks with rich experience keeps us on the bleeding edge of travel technology.

We strongly believe in teamwork and collaboration.

What We Do

We develop E-Commerce Solutions with latest of technologies for our clients and their customers. We work smart.

Service Operations

  • Customer Service/Support - Air/Non-Air Sales

  • Travel Service Consultation & Management

  • Travel Business Strategy Consultation

  • Supplier Content Distribution - SaaS Model

  • Corporate Travel - Spend Governance System

  • Payment Solutions - Aggregator Reseller

  • Corporate Travel Audit Solutions - Distribution

Travel Technology Services

  • Online Travel Agency - B2B, B2B2C

  • OTA Platform Provider

    • Head Office, Agency, Sub-Agency Model

    • Distributor Model

  • Corporate Booking Tool

  • Travel Spend Governance System

  • OTA Technology Sales/Consultation Services

CoE - Technology Innovations

  • Cross Industry Travel Enabler - Ci2Te2 TM

  • Non-Travel Entity Enablers

    • Wide-spread locations

    • Large captive Database

    • Multi-user, Multi-level

    • Multi-lingual, Multi-currency

  • Non-functional revenue enhancers