TRIPCOE – KC’s SaaS model for B2B

KolombusConnect’s novel “SaaS” model in B2B channel helps accumulate GDS (powered by Sabre/Galileo) segments with its unique “Search→ Look →Book→Hold PNR→ and then `Queue to Ticket” flow which is widely accepted among non-IATA / Sub- Agents of various size & kinds, branded as The TripCOE Agency/user will get all airline inventory and fares fetched from GDS and make the booking. It has the provision to check the PNR’s vendor remarks, ticketing time limits, SSR information, etc within the portal itself. Tripcoe gives the agent full freedom on the PNR and issue it through any ticketing agency of their choice by ensuring passenger data confidentiality. This portal will have the basic customization of the travel agent. Tripcoe portal comes with various reporting tools and dashboard which also provides the agency real-time segment figures count. The TripCOE Agent and KolombusConnect also ensures GDS Air segment incentive benefits.

Reasons to choose TripCoe - OTA:

  • “Go Online& Live” quickly with basic customizations like the user Agency’s own branding (logo, name, address, contacts etc)
  • “Search→ Get options→ Choose/Select→ Book/get PNR→ HOLD→ then “Queue” to any IATA ticketing agent of choice.
  • Ticketing from “IATA agency of choice” gives the freedom coupled with business reasons.
  • Passenger Data Confidentiality – remain with the user agency.
  • Full Control on the PNR.
  • It secures GDS segment fee provision to the user agencies as “preticketing revenue”.
  • Reduce ADMs - Ensures GDS best practices on Inventory abuse prevention.
  • TripCOE includes services connected with GDS flights.
  • TripCOE can accommodate Multi Agency, Multi Location PCC / HAP. on the PNR.
  • It can also be powered with Agency’s own PCC, PNR Import andMirror Ticketing PCC patching facilities, etc in higher-end models.
  • TripCoe is promoted with “direct agent” and Distributor concepts as “Software As A Service (SaaS)” model of KolombusConnect.
  • “Value for money” - very cost effective.